How to enjoy a Visit to Vinales?

The town of Vinales, located in the western side of Cuba, preserves the traditional essence of a farmer settlement. Traditional techniques are still in use for agricultural production, particularly of tobacco. The quality of this cultural landscape is enhanced by the unique architecture of its farms and villages.

Sunrise and breakfast

  • The best thing to start the day is watching the sunrise in the fields of Vinales and if possible have a good breakfast at the same time.

Visit the Tobacco Plantations

  • Cuban cigars are considered one of the best in the world, the country has excellent conditions for growing tobacco and years of growing experience. Even if you don’t smoke cigars you will enjoy the visit and learning the history and process.

Horseback riding Tour

  • A tour especially for those who love nature and want to enjoy all the amazing sceneries this island has to offer. And one of the activities that is worthwhile is riding a horse through valleys, beaches, mountains, rivers… And even around the city.

Visit the "Murals of Prehistory"

  • In the valley of Dos Hermanas, we can find the Mural of Prehistory, which is painted on a stone of one of the elevations. This mural shows the evolution of life in a natural sense of Cuba.

Cayo Jutias beach

  • Just an hour's drive from town, Cayo Jutias is one of the best beaches in Cuba. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in the soft sand.

Visit the "Indian Cave"

  • Indian Cave offers the chance to ride a boat along a subterranean river through a cave. An ancient site of indigenous Guanajatabey Indian settlement and prehistoric art site. You’ll enjoy your experience in this cavern.

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